Sunday, November 19, 2006

Starry, starry night

This piece includes etched bronze and copper tubing. I drew the image onto the bronze and etched it in a light acid bath. Then encased it in silver and soldered it in place. The side bails are copper tubing. The sun and flames were inspired by one of my favorite paintings "Starry Night" by Van Gogh.

More copper

I got really excited about mixing metals in my jewelry making and this is what happened next. I lightly etched the copper to give it some texture and added carnelian, garnet and peridot gemstone beads.


These 2 pendants are do-overs. I made the silver pieces almost a year ago and was not happy with them then. I felt they were too small but decided to hang onto them to see if I would be inspired to use them in other pieces. I am really happy now with the incorporation of copper. The one on the right also has garnets. I like the industrial look that the copper gives the pieces. Check out the post from June 14, 2006 to see what the silver looked like on its own.

Kyanite pendant and earrings

This pendant is one of the first that I've made featuring semi-precious gemstone beads. The large focal bead is Kyanite and so are the dark blue ones. The light green beads are Phrenite. There are more of the same stones incorporated into the part of the chain that is not shown in the picture. It has a short neck length with the pendant resting right below the collar bone giving it a current look. I also made matching earrings with the same gemstones.