Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a Strong Organically Grown Woman

Here are 2 more mail art pieces. I like them so much that they may not make into the mail and might just become part of an art journal instead. I loved this woman and had her on the collage first not knowing what I would add. Then I looked at my apple and the lovely pink tape that was wrapped around it caught my eye. I carefully positioned it and realized how fitting the words "organically grown" were then added the lettering after. The silhouette of the warriors in the sunset seemed to want to be on this page because of the background colors. Next the totem image said "me too." When I was looking at the images the idea of all of us coming from Africa came to mind and I added the lettering. I'm very happy with both of these pieces and find that I really enjoy this process.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mail Art & a Tape Journal

This is the front and back of an art postcard also known as mail art. I did the backgrounds in Kelly's class this past weekend. She taught us lots of different painting techniques and we ended up with lots of large pages full of color. Afterwards we tore the large pages down into postcard sized sheets. I left some of my sheets large in case I want to do something in a bigger format. Then tonight I added collage and words. I'm off to mail it tomorrow to a dear friend who needs some reminding of how awesome she is. It was really fun to make and since I have all these great backgrounds from the class, it was quick as well. This is the journal that I made in the class on Sunday. We learned even more painting techniques to make lots of 12"x18" sheets. I liked working in such a large size - it loosened me up. Once we had 6 beautifully painted sheets, we added some plain white ones and stitched them together using a pamphlet stitch that Kelly taught us. Then we used tape to reinforce the front and back covers including decorative tape. The strip along the right side is camouflage tape that hunters use. My dad would like it. The top and bottom is small skeleton tape and the spine is tribal/tatoo tape. Now I plan to cover the rest of the white pages with art papers to create more backgrounds to collage onto. Although painting in the large format was exciting, I'm a bit timid about adding the collage since I am used to working in a smaller format. But it will be a good challenge.

Monday, July 02, 2007

#912 out of 1000

Here's what I did this weekend. It is an art journal spread from the 1000 Journal project! I attended a workshop at Sanctuary Studio that was taught by the fabulous Kelly Kilmer. While at the studio we were given the opportunity to add work in one of the original journals from the project. They are no longer in circulation so it was a great opportunity. The project was recently featured in this ABC News webcast. So this is what I did! The left side is a collection of decorative tapes that we used in one of Kelly's classes. I loved them, especially the Jesus tape! Now I am on the lookout for cool tape. The other side is collaged papers and a bit if tape (in black). That was just a smidgen of what came out of the workshop. Next time I'll post some of the work from the classes.