Monday, July 02, 2007

#912 out of 1000

Here's what I did this weekend. It is an art journal spread from the 1000 Journal project! I attended a workshop at Sanctuary Studio that was taught by the fabulous Kelly Kilmer. While at the studio we were given the opportunity to add work in one of the original journals from the project. They are no longer in circulation so it was a great opportunity. The project was recently featured in this ABC News webcast. So this is what I did! The left side is a collection of decorative tapes that we used in one of Kelly's classes. I loved them, especially the Jesus tape! Now I am on the lookout for cool tape. The other side is collaged papers and a bit if tape (in black). That was just a smidgen of what came out of the workshop. Next time I'll post some of the work from the classes.


Catherine Witherell said...

Yay! She's back! Hi Dori! I wrote about you too! Nice pages here.

BaLadiNe said...

I love this spread Dori! You did a great job in the journal, and it was fun meeting you and seeing you make it