Thursday, April 10, 2008

ArtFest Adventure

Off we went into the wild blue yonder on our way to ArtFest. We hit the road on Monday, March 31 in the evening and drove for a few hours before checking in at our hotel. Then we set off Tuesday morning for the longest leg of the trip up. This was the beautiful view out the car window for a lot of the morning. It felt like Mt. Shasta was blessing our adventure.
That evening in our hotel room we worked in "Catherine's sweat shop" as we lovingly referred to it. She was putting the last touches on the jewelry that she planned to sell at "Vendor Night." So we helped out by polishing, tagging, and giving our approval of her prices, which is one of the most difficult things to decide.
I'm still unpacking so I'll have more to post soon but this is one of the pieces that I completed in Anahata Katkin's class. I'm obviously happy with the outcome. Here's a straight on shot.
And some detail shots.

This is me in the class... my version of heaven... art supplies everywhere & the people who love to use 'em!

More to come...


Catherine said...

This is so great! I love your pictures Dori. You look very happy!

Catherine's sweatshop is closed for the rest of April!

YOU are the best Artfest buddy anyone could ever have!!!!!


Brenda Kessler said...

Dori, I so enjoyed meeting you at ArtFest! Love the photos of your wallpaper class. Catherine is right, you do look really happy! warm wishes, brenda

April said...

Thanks for showing me your beautiful piece in person...maybe you could actually use it as wallpaper?!

Between the road trip, your friends, and doing tons of art, this does sound like heaven for you!