Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Jewelry

I have another post about ArtFest that I'm still working on but in the meantime, I thought I'd share some jewelry that I finished recently. It turns out that one of Todd's client's really likes handmade jewelry. So he mentioned to her that I made some jewelry and directed her to my blog. Well, she found a piece that she liked and inquired about purchasing it. The one that she wanted had already been sold but I had some pieces that were partly done and needed a bit more work to be finished. So her interested was just the kick in the pants that I needed to finish up a few pieces. Even though I have decided that I don't want to sell my work, it was fun to get out the tools again. The piece at the top is a pendant that I made of fused dichroic glass. After making the glass piece, I used the silver to "encase" it. It is so different from most of my work. More of a happy, shiny look versus the more urban feel that a lot of my jewelry has. I like both and it was fun to do something so different. I would like to do more with fused glass. This next one is actually 2 round "drapey" discs that I connected with little posts that you can't see. I really tried to photograph that part but just couldn't do it with my little "point-n-click." (Digital SLR on the b-day list and Christmas list.) You can kind of see that there are 2 layers in the photo below. The other interesting thing about this piece is the brushed finish that ends up looking like a shell. People often think it is Mother of Pearl because when the light hits it, lots of lovely colors reflect off the silver. This last one is a remake of the piece the client wanted. It has a moon stone in it. Get it? Moonstone as the moon in the trees? I had made the second one long ago and it just needed some finishing work. It is actually a design that my instructor, Hadar Jacobson came up with and was generous enough with her students to allow us to copy and sell. She is a wonderful teacher. Check out her blog to see her newest obsession - copper and bronze metal clay. She pioneered this new product and has been incredibly generous providing information to the metal clay community about the best ways to work with it. Some day I'll go back and take more classes from her. Well, that's the jewelry post. Hope you enjoyed it. More on ArtFest to come.


aprildelfuego said...

freakin gorgeous!

HappyDayArt! said...

They are all very nice and that last one is gorgeous! I hope she likes it.