Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Circle of vines

I didn't have any desire to make a ring but was taking a class in traditional metal fabrication and it was one of the projects. My friend said she thought it would be good to learn the skills necessary to make a ring and I thought she was probably right. This is the ring that I ended up making. (click image to see the design) I am very happy with it. I shaped wire into a vine and hammered it into a flat strip of sterling silver. Then hammered the leaf shapes using metal stamps and added the dots as ornament. Then I shaped the silver into a circle that fit my thumb and soldered it closed. After that I oxidized it so that the design would be black. It is a fairly beefy ring, thick and wide but the design is more feminine due to the floral symbols. I had a lot of help from my teacher and it would take a lot more practice in technique for me to feel comfortable making a ring like this on my own.


michelle ward said...

fantastic ring!! i would totally wear that. hope you are wearing with pride!!!

shimmer & shadow said...

why thank you Michelle. I love it and do wear it all the time. It's extra special since it was my first ring.