Thursday, December 27, 2007

light, shade & shadow

The last workshop I took in the fall session was called "Light, Shade, & Shadow." Although we learned about shading in the earlier workshops, this one was focused on shading from a more general perspective. We learned how light and shadows fall on different objects like rope and silk ribbon.

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michelle ward said...

dori - these are terrific! i have scrolled down through your posts that chronicle the process of your workshops and it's been a thrill to see what you're doing! i was surprised to learn this program will take you 2.5 years.....i hope you'll continue to take us along on this venture.

your comment on my blog made me smile. we all come from somewhere, with some kind of experience, that gets us to where we are. i loved hearing you had to replicate the font - a good lesson to gain appreciation for design and composition. i think YOU will really love the Helvetica film!

p.s. my degree is architecture - and we did have assignments early on where we had to replicate logos. this was before computers too. again, a good lesson, but it's amazing what we can do NOW!